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Scan the verifymymeds QR code which is printed on your medication using your phone or tablet.

Verifymymeds will authenticate your medicine against the manufacturers own production records and verifymymeds will tell you immediately if your medicine is genuine

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It's Secure

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how it works

verifymymeds has a unique and highly secure Blockchain database which contains details of billions of batches of medicines manufactured across the world

Each time a manufacturer produces a batch of medicine, they send the details of that product to our secure Blockchain database. Our database records details of that batch of medicine and issues a unique encrypted QR code for every single batch. This code is printed on the medicine packet and it's packaging

You simply scan the QR code from your meds using your phone or tablet. The verifymymeds app unencrypts this code, verifies it against the details provided by the manufacturer and confirms if the medication is genuine or not directly to you on your device

Guaranteed Anonymity

Your health and personal information are yours, and only yours!

verifymymeds does NOT record any personal or health information

You don't have to log on to verifymymeds and we don't ask you to register

Guaranteed Security

verifymymeds are the first and only company in the world to use a (patent pending) encrypted specifically designed secure Blockchain database architecture for asset recording and authentication

A Blockchain database is made up of a large network of independent database servers, each of which are in sync with each other. As soon as a record is appended to the database, all instances of the database simultaneously update

Every record added to the database must contain encrypted keys before it is accepted by the Blockchain database. These keys form an interlinking chain

This multitude of in-sync databases and verified-chain data structure makes the verifymymeds database impossible to hack

Guaranteed Safety

If you are taking medication you are doing so for a specific reason. It is imperative that your medication has been produced in accordance with strict international standards and that your medication contains the correct medicinal dosage

The international pharmaceutical industry carefully manages their production processes to ensure the highest standards of product manufacture, production and distribution

However, as in many industries, counterfeiting is a high value business. Counterfeit medicines cost the pharmaceutical industry more than €110 billion annually, €110 billion which otherwise would be invested into medical research and treatment development

The financial cost is nothing compared to the loss of life. More than one million people's lives are lost each year due to counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit medicine often contains no active medicinal content or can contain a dangerous mix of ingredients. Whatever the mix, the medicine is not what it is claimed to be and the consequences of taking it can be lethal

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